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JCCH was established on December 24, 2004, to conduct an independent centralized Clearing-House operation. It is organized as a stock company owned by all Japanese Commodity Exchanges and the Japan Commodity Futures Industry Association which is an association of FCMs.

On May 2, 2005, JCCH started providing clearing and settlement services for the transactions of all commodity exchanges in Japan.

These services are integral to the efficient operation of all of the commodity markets, as JCCH imposes itself as the counterparty to each trade.

This service provides a high level of market integrity as it minimizes the risk of default by either party to each and every transaction.

Market credibility efficient operation

The operation of JCCH brings 4 key benefits:

First, JCCH enhances market integrity.

JCCH acts as the counterparty to each transaction, thereby minimizing the risk of counterparty default to all market participants.

Second, JCCH improves efficiency in investment funds by aggregating the margin and mark-to-market profit or loss.

JCCH is the common Clearing House for Commodity Exchanges in Japan, which allows JCCH to adopt SPAN Margining system, permitting to offset risks between Commodity Exchanges and aggregate mark-to-market profit or loss that is generated from all Commodity Exchanges.

Third, JCCH provides for efficient management of clearing funds.

Prior to the establishment of JCCH, FCMs had to provide clearing funds sufficient to satisfy different exchanges, for both the house account and the customer account. This required managing some different accounts for clearing and settlement. Under the JCCH model, each clearing participant maintains one account at JCCH which is netted based on the daily marking – to – market requirements for all positions held at all exchanges.

Forth, JCCH allows for the streamlining of back office operations for all clearing participants.

As marking – to – market operation and management of margins are integrated through JCCH, there is a reduction in error and a simultaneous corresponding cost savings.

Company profile

( As of February 3, 2020)

Trade Name Japan Commodity Clearing House Co.,Ltd.
Principal Office 10-7 Nihombashi-horidomecho, 1-chome, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0012 Japan
Tel +81-3-5847-7521
Fax +81-3-5847-7525
Date of Incorporation December 24 , 2004
Capital 634.35 million Yen
Commencement of Operations May 2 , 2005
Business Outline To provide clearing and settlement services for the transactions of all commodity exchanges in Japan

(On April 25,2005 JCCH got permission from the two competent ministries, which are MAFF(Ministry of Agriculture,Forestry and Fisheries) and METI(Ministry of Economy,Trade and Industry))

Officers 6 Directors (2 of whom also sit on the Board of Directors) ,3 Auditors

Hamada Takamichi CEO, Chairman
Ikemizu Yuichi Director
Usami Hiroshi Director
Shimizu Toshitsugu Director
Hosomura Takehiro Director
Yasuda Takeshi Director
Aruga Fuminobu Auditor
Hatano Keiji Auditor
Negishi Shinji Standing Auditor
Staff 17
Designated commodity market (Business Rules Article 3) Osaka Dojima Commodity Exchange   Agricultural Market
Osaka Dojima Commodity Exchange   Fisheries Market
Osaka Dojima Commodity Exchange   Sugar Market
Osaka Dojima Commodity Exchange   Index Market
Tokyo Commodity Exchange,Inc.   Agricultural Product Sugar Market
Tokyo Commodity Exchange,Inc.   Rubber Market
Tokyo Commodity Exchange,Inc.   Precious Metals Market
Tokyo Commodity Exchange,Inc.   Energy Market
Tokyo Commodity Exchange,Inc.   Chukyo Oil Market
Tokyo Commodity Exchange,Inc.   Aluminum Market
Shareholders (shareholding ratio)
Shareholders shareholding ratio
Tokyo Commodity Exchange,Inc. 100.0%
Designated clearing bank Mizuho Bank Kobunacho branch
Resona Bank Nihombashi branch , Semba branch
Sumitomo Mitsui Bank Osaka-nishi branch





1-10-7, Nihombashi-Horidomecho, Chuo-ku Tokyo 103-0012
03-5847-7521(The key number)


Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line
Kodenmacho St. (Exit 1,3) 5 min.walk

Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line
Toei Asakusa Line
Ningyocho St. (Exit A5) 7 min.walk

Toei Shinjyuku Line
Bakuroyokoyama St. (Exit A3)
6 min. walk

Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line/Ginza Line
Mitsukoshimae St. (Exit A4)
13 min. walk


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